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Ever since I was a young child, I lived and breathed the outdoors, mostly fishing and hunting. I grew up living my summers on Alaska's beautiful Kanektok River with my dad and uncles at the family sport fishing camps. It was during these memorable summers where I ingested the “bug” for fly fishing as well as flying in amphibious bush planes.

Having fished on such a spectacular river at such a young age, I am afraid the “trout bum” gene runs permanently in my veins. But this isn’t such a bad thing! To me the most rewarding industry to work in is one that you not only enjoy but one that is engraved in your soul. For me? That is exactly what I do! I find few greater satisfactions in my life than helping others catch fish and have the most positive fishing experience possible.

I currently operate out of Ellensburg, Washington and have the beautiful Yakima River five minutes away. So you can take a good guess at where I spend my evenings after work! My main goal is to help others enjoy the outdoors as much as I. I do this by selling only the most trustworthy gear and highest quality flies!

~Dillon Duncan, Owner/Operator of DD Outfitting

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